It’s time to forget about wearing uncomfortable pajamas and oversized T-shirts in bed. Recently, scientists discovered that sleeping naked is actually good for your health. Why? Well, the reasons are actually quite simple.

We sleep better when our body temperature is lower


We sleep much more soundly when our body temperature is lower, and the fewer items of clothing we wear, the less heat we retain. Even the tiniest increase in body temperature (as little as 0.4°C) can increase activity in certain parts of our brains, leading to disturbed sleep.

We feel emotionally closer to our partner


Our body temperature isn’t the only issue here. When we sleep naked next to our partner, oxytocin is produced by our bodies in greater quantities. This is the ’love hormone’ that improves our mood, helps maintain our immune system, and even helps us feel a sense of emotional intimacy.

We fall asleep faster and wake up more easily


On top of this, sleeping naked means that there are no folds in clothes that normally impede heat exchange, which is good for blood circulation. This helps us to fall asleep faster and makes waking up easier — something that many people long to be able to do!

Source DNews , medicaldaily