A girl from a small town, irascible, introvert and beautiful – adorned with the poise of culture, a little weary with the burden of traditions – we all know her. You have seen her meek and seeking validation, you have seen her eyes twinkle with promise, you have heard her laughter as facile as the river, you have seen the droplets of pearl dry on her cheek, you have seen her bury her head in her knees but what you loved the most was to

see her come off age.

If you have seen her so close, there’s but one thing you know for sure – she may be from a small town but her heart is bigger than the world could ask for. There’s but nothing poetry that can sketch the journey of a small town girl bending the bars of steel and reaching out for the skies. If you know her, you must watch this piece of art by Airplane Poetry Movement where

Kajol Runwal

recites her wonderful poem that strikes you right at the left of your chest.