Navratri is a festival that we all associate with dandiya and garba and all things pretty. But from this Navratri onwards, the concept of the festival is going to change for Ashwin & Shalini forever. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Watch this hilarious episode of Men The Real Victims to find out!

Everything about the Navratri season is simply super great. The main time when you can wear pretentious gems and look better than average. The sustenance, the music however above all else the outfits are the masterpieces. Young ladies get the opportunity to spruce up in the most shocking Chaniya cholis or lehengas. Folks additionally have a clothing standard that a ton of folks wind up being suspicious about.

So this video by SIT will give you a look at how men fear the day when Navratri is close by and everything to dread is that one outfit. (Since you are inside, given me a chance to do a tick snare here.) Yet what happens next will make you say, ‘Folks will be folks.’