Haven’t we heard this such a large number of times? Everyone is so occupied in their lives that when they stop and glance around, they comment about the “pitiful state” of our nation. How filthy it is, the way awful the streets are, the way the water at marine drive stinks, how dividers possess an aroma similar to pee and a perpetual rundown of grumblings.

Possibly every one of these individuals overlook that they were the ones who, in their bustling calendar, littered the street on the grounds that there was no dustbin around and the edge of the street was at that point packed with refuse so their’s wouldn’t have had any kind of effect.

They didn’t have sufficient energy to search for a canister or they essentially did not have the sound judgment of keeping the litter in their sacks and tossing it in a dustbin on achieving home or office or wherever.

On the other hand they didn’t have enough tolerance to control their bladders till they achieved home. They couldn’t stop at a close-by eatery or inn to utilize the loo, right? No. No time, you see?!

This twofold standard is the issue with us. We add to all the rottenness around us and after that helpfully disregard our yogdaan and whine about how terrible our nation is.

We anticipate that the Legislature will do everything for us. We helpfully trust that it’s all the Administration’s blame. We take the way that we’re a part of the greatest majority rule government on the planet for allowed.

What’s more, that is the reason, people at Old Delhi Films have thought of Common Oxin (The Municipal Sense Pill), a pill that is going to cure every one of us of this toxic fancy. (Harmful for our country.)

Has breaking law always been your habit? Do you take pride in being a bad, uncivilized citizen? Well, not anymore! ODF brings you Civil-Oxin – A pill to bring out the civilized citizenship in all of us.