The aroma of ghar ka rajma chawal and taste of maa ke haath ki poori have a different warmth and feel to them all together. We thought of bringing this feeling closer to those who miss #GharKaKhana the most. Dekhiye humari ek sachi koshish Indian Army tak Ghar Ka Khana pahuchane ki.

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The life of our jawans who are defending the borders, is nothing near simple and agreeable. One of the essential (read:luxurious) things that they generally miss is their mother’s home-cooked sustenance. Dissimilar to us, who have the benefit of picking sabzis and requesting new menus ordinary, they truly have least or no decision at all with regards to nourishment.

They actually ache for that commonplace tinge of ghar-ka-swaad, one motivation behind why they generally would keep their achar ka dabba precisely tucked inside their containers. However, they can just dream that they get that channeling, hot maa-ke-haath-ka-khaana in that spot in their icy and abandoned basecamps.

Indeed, however dreams do work out as expected. Fortune Nourishments trusts that there is not a viable replacement for home-cooked sustenance, and one of their sweetest motions was towards these jawans. As of late in October, they got Akshay Kumar to meet them and cook home nourishment for them, which helped them to remember their ghar ka khana. In any case, this time, Fortune Sustenances brought their idea of helping jawans encounter home-cooked nourishment to genuine by conveying to them – the genuine taste of Ghar Ka Khana cooked by their moms.

An unexpected visit was orchestrated the moms of the jawans posted at the Srinagar Base Camp. The moms got a chance to cook their most loved dish and see the delight on their appearances. Undoubtedly, meeting their moms after months over a plate of their top pick, mouth-watering dish comfortable basecamp made it an extremely enchanted minute for them – a blend of astonishment, energy and satisfaction for both the jawans and their moms.

All it took was ek sachi koshish. So sweet and astute would it say it isn’t? I wager you are now mournful. Indeed, I beyond any doubt am.