Watch this hard-hitting video by Purani Dilli Talkies that uncovered the false reverence ladies regularly practice seeing someone. The fellow in this video pays back the gold-digger lady in style and shows her a lesson forever.

In the event that we judge ladies on the premise of how reasonable and lovely they are, we likewise judge (and wrongly so) men on the amount they win. Ask any twenty-something gentleman and there is no chance he hasn’t ever been asked, “Beta, kamate kitna ho?” The weight of winning admirably and purchasing a house or an auto, is so much that consistently fellow out there is a specialist. Young men are measured by size of their… salary package.
As appeared in different Bollywood films and a few of us have seen such examples, all things considered, also, there are couple of young ladies who give more significance to their own particular extravagances, delights and not to overlook the above all, Cash!! At first, they benefit themselves of their beaus and abandon them effortlessly when their guardians locate a wealthier gentleman who is minimal better is every one of the viewpoints to get hitched. Here it merits considering that if the young lady really and genuinely adores the gentleman, she should in any event converse with her guardians however they stay noiseless as they are getting what they need; not a man but rather a ledger. This video wonderfully shows the same and is a slap on such young ladies!