In case you’re a young lady, conceived in India and you’re in your mid-20s, this is something you’ll identify with. Each uncle, close relative, your mom, your grandma, your chachi, your mami, your bua, and each other female substance in your family and life asks this one question to you “Is there any uplifting news?”, and you really want to grin, notwithstanding fuming from within!

This melody by Sofia Ashraf uploaded by BLUSH is a response to everybody who gets some information about the “Good news”, and ideal for whenever they jab their nose where it doesn’t have a place!

“Any Good News” feat. Sofia Ashraf is an Indian mom’s euphemism for “Are you pregnant?” No matter what you have achieved, to a mother – the only good news is a fertilised zygote. Watch this hilarious conversation between our Sista From The South and her Momma From The South.