The Internet is a startling spot to live in. In the midst of a huge number of course of events/encourage exercises, the simple on-eye “Instagram” gathering is a pitiful reason of life we are living. Not simply in our physical environment, but rather in the virtual world too that has fascinated all of us today; in labels, registration and hashtags! As pitiable as that sounds, it is an approaching risk without ways out!

What’s more, this short film uploaded by Natak Pictures delineates the same as it were, never told. Titled ‘The Friend List’, this film is an account of a young lady, (which could without much of a stretch be anybody of us) cheerful in her rise before life chose to show her a coldblooded lesson, she’ll always remember. Her experience will undoubtedly make you kick back and have misgivings about all that you’ve been doing. EVERYTHING. Watch it and do the needful before it’s past the point of no return!

The movie depicts a day in the life of an independent girl and her encounter with a stranger whom she meets in a needy situation. This movie portrays the negative implications that the youth of today can face with the evolvement of social media.