Life is not what transpires, it is the means by which you respond to it.
… It is the way you react to the steady feedback of ‘well-wishers’, it is likewise how you adapt to the falls, however in particular, it is about how you brush the soil and take that “jump” of confidence and conviction. Since, trust me, it converses with you; when you are hindered with your 9-to-5 work, when you’re composed off as ‘not sufficient’, when you’re compelled to ‘exceed expectations on exceed expectations sheets’, it addresses you. You simply need to take after your gut and get the occasion!

Also, that is precisely what this short film, ‘Conceived Free’ is attempting to let us know. Pressed with a plot that will resound with all, the film is the narrative of “Samarth” who travels to Goa and his life changes everlastingly, for he meets ‘Vanya’. Yes, our top picks, Sumeet Vyas and Mukti Mohan are playing the parts, however the story is not of the characters alone. The story is about you, me and incalculable individuals like us who have suppressed the voice of their conviction and substituted it with that of the general public. It is about fellas who have transformed their personalities to ‘fit in’ and souls who have lost their selves to ‘satisfactory standards.’

In any case, similar to the film says, it’s never past the point of no return. In this way, discover your stay (in some cases all you need is a patient got notification from ONE), cruise your vessel on the high tides and grab the day. Be the man/lady you had always wanted and given no one a chance to disclose to you generally. All things considered, ‘you are what you dream.’

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Meet Samarth, the Type-A personality, focused and successful in the corporate world whose universe revolves around his work. And he’s about to go on a trip that is going to change his life forever!