Staying aware of old companions is troublesome, the majority of us become involved with our lives and quite often neglect to keep the guarantee of being in touch. On account of a separation, it is practically difficult to stay companions and be in touch once you abandon each other for good. That being stated, one really can’t simply stop their sentiments and feelings for a man who was at one time the world for them.

This short-film titled ‘Ek Dopahar’ uploaded by Shubham Sharma is an account of a lady who goes to meet her ex following eight prolonged years of going separate ways. On edge and somewhat reluctant, she rings the doorbell, uninformed of an unexpected sitting tight for her at the flip side. What takes after is a wind that you won’t see coming.

With a holding storyline and astonishing exhibitions by Huma Qureshi and Gauhar Khan, this must-watch film keeps you at the edge of your seats till the very end.

The story is about two women, Raina and Shubha, their love for the same man, and how each of them, in their own respective fashion, deal with the grief of losing him. It is about celebrating life.