A police inspector and a serial Killer are having a discussion. One blames the other for taking everything from him. The man took his wife other and youngsters; the main individuals he adored! Presently he wants to make him feel a similar agony.

This short film,uploaded by The Short Cuts, is a piece of the official determination for the New York Indian Film Celebration. It starts with a discussion between the hero, played by Adil Hussain and his casualty, played by Vaquar Shaikh. Saying much else will give away a lot for you to appreciate the film. So simply watch it. It won’t baffle.

This Short Film Is About A Man Who’s Family Was Under Trouble on The Diwali Night.

Like Any Other person, he sets out Seeking Revenge to the person who caused it. Watch the Suspense Thriller Hostage/Bandhi featuring the Multi Talented Mr. Adil Hussain.

Also Do not Miss the End, What Reveals in the End is Breathtaking.