There are secrets and then there are dark secrets. Normal secrets do not create abuzz but dark ones render everyone speechless. It is not common to see people give away there secrets but it is extremely rare to see someone give away such an incredulously dark truth.

Quora has been popular for people coming forward and disclosing their deepest obscure realities. Again it lives up to our expectations because a man (anonymous) shares his darkest truth. Do give it a read.


“I recently had a baby girl with my colleague. She is 41 years old and I just turned 24. She is an art director for a production house which does movies. I am from the marketing team of a media and entertainment company. I met her through work, she is married and is leading a comfortable happy life. We hit it out because of our common interest and I am a pretty decent guy. I am quite gregarious so people find me easy to hang with.

She is married for 14 years now. And couldn’t conceive because of her husband. Our office went for a 3-day camping trip. We shared a tent. In the night jokes and pulling legs turned into something more. I had sex with her and continued to do for a few months. In between those months, she told me if she gets pregnant she would like to keep the baby. I agreed, she was a good friend and I figured I could help.

She gave birth to a beautiful girl last week. I just keep thinking she is my daughter. I saw her for the first time yesterday and I was overwhelmed.She is really beautiful.The most beautiful little person I ever seen. My friend also looked happy with a glow. Being a mother suits her.

The truth is I respect my friend a lot. And when things got sexual it didn’t feel like I was indulging in carnal pleasure. I never looked at her or thought of her in the carnal sense. Yet it happened and I feel glad I could help her out as a friend. She is extremely happy and has a new purpose in life. But in doing so I think I lost a small piece of my soul.”

This is gonna be a tough one to digest.

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