“Feelings can’t be a taboo. Then why is sexuality?”

Pole Dancing for long has been associated with women performing at strip clubs. What if we tell you that by the end of this video, your views on this dance form will be completely altered?

Introducing Aarifa Bhinderwala, a Bohri-Muslim woman from Mumbai, who teaches pole dance not only as a form of workout but also as a means to help women from all walks of life shed the insecurities they have about their bodies.

In this episode of Blush Originals, Aarifa breaks stereotypes, strips taboo of its unfashionable self and inspires every woman out there to embrace their sexuality with pride and dignity.

We as a whole have certain cravings we wish we had the mettle to satisfy. Maybe an absence of certainty stops us or perhaps the dread of what individuals will think or say does. What’s more, we for the most part stop.

There are individuals who play under the control of societal or parental weight and afterward there are individuals who would what they like to do. Not each porn star gets into that field to bring home the bacon, not each sex laborer is constrained into prostitution, not each odd occupations taker takes those employments to bolster their family. This little measure of ‘not each’ individuals demonstrates wishes and the force of satisfying them.

And Aarifa Bhinderwala proves just the same through Blush channel’s new video Blush Originals with Aarifa. She belongs from a Bohri Muslim family.


She ventured into and found solace in the world of pole dancing after losing herself to premenstrual depression.

“The first spin that I did, I could actually feel the breeze in my hair that connected me to my childhood because, as a child, I would love to twirl.”


“Not every person who is fully covered is conservative but not every person who is wearing skimpier clothes is very broad minded.”


“If I have a best friend today I think it’s my body because it went through shit and it still supported me.”

“It is a very sexy form of art. It teaches you to be patient. It teaches you to work a bit hard. It teaches you perseverance. It teaches you to fall in love with the journey.”