If you’re a Bengali who hasn’t yet heard of Sawan Dutta and her vlog Metronome, know this: you are missing out! While her songs about Boroline and monkey caps are pure satire that will make you remember with laughter or affection about a million other Bengalis you know, her latest offering is one that will in all likelihood make you think of yourself. Because it’s about that universal, timeless Bengali obsession: machher jhol. Whether you love fish or hate it or fall somewhere in between (don’t know too many of this last, TBH), this is one video that you will relate to completely! Bonus: Sawan is actually taking you through a full-fledged machher jhol recipe, so double awesomeness if you’re looking for some fish-spiration for your next full-fledged Bengali meal! ,

Anyway, watch this NOW. While I interrupt my workday to click play again and dream longingly of a simple kalo jire diye ilish machher jhol… Sigh!