Some things seem impossible until they are done. The world is not fair, and it doesn’t judge us exclusively on our talent. The sources, the contacts, the college brand are a few of the many tags that decide the value of a person in an industry. Not his intelligence and talent. Gone are the days when a person used to be considered on the basis of his work. Now, your family money and your expensive degree speak for you.

Some people have all the raw material. All they need is a little polishing and presentability, and Haywards has succeeded to do that to a very great extent.


The Haywards 5000 Hausla Buland Academy trains and guides people on skills to be successful in their jobs and career. The program includes basic and advanced English, interviewing skills, selling skills, soft skills, essential computer skills, basic finance and resume writing skills etc. Since its launch, the Haywards 5000 ‘Hausla Buland Academy’ program has received over 102,775 registrations from across India, with than 40,000 people already enrolled in the training.

So, if you are a middle-class person who aspires to excel in his field, don’t think your path is going to be full of ‘yes’. There will be a lot of ‘no’, but it won’t be enough to stop you if you are determined. And that my friend, will be your struggle, to convert that no into a yes!

This video by Haywards tells that even if we are going through hell, we should keep going.

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