Making enchantment with the combination of the sarod and guitar is their strong point, however this time they just went a stage Past. Be it lead artist Anshuman Ajai Singh’s feeling blending bass voice, or Sarod virtuoso Yash Nirwan’s tragic flawlessness with his fingers, the experience is sufficiently restorative to be recalled lonh. Wonderful (And I mean it!) actress Uppekha Jain puts in simply the appropriate measure of erotic nature with her beauty to make this the ideal mix, during the current month of loooooove.

P R A N A ’s gift to our parents wrapped with love this Valentine’s Night. We are all born out of this beautiful, inexplicable, often called illogical emotion of Love. It’s an emotion woven in every relationship that must be celebrated not just on Valentine’s Day – but every day! With this video PRANA introduces the mystical element of the moon, ever faithful to its nature, pulling oceans from shore to shore, gently influencing, never diminishing.