Every time I come across an article on how people are travelling the world on a meager budget I get amused and jealous at the same time. I mean come on, you need money for almost everything in life, especially while travelling. We live in the world where all the good things in life require money.

So how does a person who works in a closed office for five days in a week feel when he/she comes across an affluent man giving up his business to go on a permanent vacation with his family


I had the exact feeling when I learnt of this family.

This 25-year-old tech millionaire and his wife sold everything to travel the world with their two young kids. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING!


arrett Gee from Utah, made a fortune when he sold his mobile-scanning app to Snapchat last year for $54 million (Rs. 3,63,09,84,300 approx). He didn’t stop at that. They then went on to sell their worldly possessions including a $48,000 Land Rover (another Rs 32,27,520 approx).

The Gee family then set off last year for a six-month vacation across the globe. By now you must have been green with envy but there’s more. Much more! The six-month long vacation has now stretched to nine months and might just last indefinitely!

They have put their millions in the bank and have been living off the earnings from the sale of their material stuff.

They have their own blog and Instagram handle called The Bucket List Family. The couple describes themselves as ‘pretty chill folks’.

So far they’ve been to South Pacific locales like Fiji and Hawaii, plus Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and other bucket-list destinations.

“We feel like we still have so much to learn about life and happiness before we can set up our future life and home,” they wrote on their blog.

Their goals for travel are: “become closer as a marriage and family, be good friends to the people in our lives, live a life of service and compassion, learn to find happiness with less, become more open minded and open hearted, love and respect nature and the planet, and create life long memories.”

Their pictures are more than enough to bring out major wanderlust in you. Love them or hate them, but we are sure you just can’t copy them! Well, if you can, then good for you. Meanwhile, I am going back to my same old ‘office-home-office’ life! *Goes and cries in the corner*

Here are some those amazing pictures: