Today is International Beer Day, the perfect time to enjoy the various different brews that are out there. Ashwin really wants to celebrate it, but Shalini has other plans in mind. So this time Ashwin decides to try Plan D, suggested by Abhimanyu! Do you think it will work as well as it worked with Meera in Pyar Ka Punch?

Wiping out an arrangement with your significant other for going to have a lager with companions is not free of peril. Consequently, it’s imperative that you consider each and every progression while executing the ground breaking strategy to jettison your family arranges. This person chooses to run with a specific “Arrangement D” to weasel out of his family arranges however his “arrangement D” simply doesn’t appear to deal with his significant other!
Watch this hilarious video uploaded by Shitty Ideas Trending where the comedy of errors are as funny as they are real. Even if you’re not a married man, if you have ever been in a relationship, you’d relate to this one.