For something as widespread and devastating as depression, we hardly give it the time or the attention it deserves. To those who suffer from it, depression cripples you into an inexplicable silence. To those who’ve never experienced it, it wraps itself in an invisibility cloak and makes its presence visible only through sights and sounds that we generally turn a blind eye to.

Nandita Kochar is one of the few who’s felt the ravaging, merciless force that depression can be. So in a poignant letter titled “If Depression Were A Boy I Dated”, she writes her tormentor an open letter about the melancholically destructive relationship she shares with it.

Sorrow is a veritable clinical disease. In our nation, most don’t appear to comprehend this. When you say you’re discouraged, more often than not, you’re welcomed with an unfeeling, “Start acting responsibly, buddy”. In any case, consider the possibility that melancholy was a genuine individual that you could accuse your side effects for.

In this video,uploaded by Kommune India, Nandita Kochar discusses discouragement as a kid she dated. She contends that in the event that she represented her sickness, perhaps everyone around her would tune in. Possibly then, they would take more notice of the circumstances she remains in bed, does not react to calls or does not have the yearning to eat. Possibly then, they would perceive her sob for offer assistance. Perhaps then, her disease would not win.