If we could only get inside the heads of passers-by and see ourselves through their eyes we would get answers to all the questions that worry us so much. For instance, does this dress make me look slim? Do I step lightly enough? We can only imagine this, but Sir Francis Galton did a whole experiment on this topic. And he was quite surprised by the results.

We at Getzkick would like to share Galton’s conclusions with you.

One day, Sir Francis Galton decided to do quite a peculiar experiment. Before going for his daily walk through the streets of London he convinced himself, ‘I am a disgusting man and everyone in England hates me.’ He was focusing on this statement for a couple of minutes, and then he went for a stroll as usual. However, it wasn’t usual at all.

He faced a hostile and hateful attitude of passers-by towards him. Many people were just turning away from him, and several times someone was swearing. When Galton was passing by a harbor, one of the dockers elbowed the scientist so much that the man plopped down in the dirt.

It seemed that even animals were hostile too. When Galton was walking past a harnessed horse, the animal kicked the poor man in the thigh so he fell down again. The psychologist was trying to gain sympathy from the eyewitnesses, but, to his amazement, people started to defend the animal. Galton decided to go back home immediately as he didn’t want his quasi-experiment to lead to more serious consequences.

This story features in many psychology textbooks. But all of this is not about a magical materialization of thoughts. When Galton concentrated really hard on his dangerous statement, he started to behave in accordance with his thoughts. His manners and his facial expression changed. Thus, he let everybody know what attitude he deserved.

There are two important conclusions of this story:

  • A person is what he thinks about himself. Change your thoughts and then you’ll change yourself and the attitude of others.
  • It’s not necessary to tell others about your self-evaluation and emotional state. They will feel it anyway.

Believe in yourself and you will succeed!

Adapted from: Live psychology.
Preview photo credit: HBO / eastnews.ru