It is said that, Larger than life is Romance is seen on screens only especially in Yash Raj’s or Karan Johar’s Films but that isn’t true at all. But what isn’t revealed that they get their reel life from real life love stories only.

Here are some of the amazing ‘filmy-style’ moments in which celeb couples met each other and had found their love.

#1. Met at a wedding, she was the only one wearing a black dress

#2. Met while studying together in London

#3. Met at a Harvard party in 2003, in a waiting line for the washroom

#4. Met in Chicago, at a law firm, he was an intern while she was his mentor

#5. Met at a school party in Delhi when he was just 18

#6. Met at Lucknow university when he had just returned from Australia

#7. Hrithik fell in love when he saw her at a traffic signal in Mumbai

#8. Met on Facebook, both were mutual friends of harbhajan Singh

#9. Met at a pastry shop

#10. Met at the airport, where she had gone to receive her mother

#11. Met at Stanford business school, he had to give a lecture on “view from the top”