The film is based on the struggle of those people who are torn between taking decisions due to societal pressure or based on their self assurance. The dilemma that exists, is the closure these individuals seek.

Connections are peculiar. You can’t live with it and in the meantime, you can’t survive without it. There are times when even our apparently consummate life needs a little conclusion.

We, people, are social creatures and now and again we give the general public, and what it would think more significance than required. This interesting video by Natak Pictures will compel you to think, investigate and respond before it’s past the point of no return. This video superbly entireties up the emergency of the cutting edge times. We didn’t see the colossal war, nor did we see an incredible gloom. Our war is with ourselves and our gloom is profound inside us.

We as a whole have only one life, so don’t accomplish something that you profound you would prefer not to. Talk, convey and act before it’s past the point of no return.