Every one of us long for getting into our fantasy organization (read: enormous MNCs), isn’t that right? In any case, a fellow recently demonstrated that diligent work and elaborate resumes are old fashioned.

sold iit on flipkart

Meet Aakash Neeraj Mittal, a general IIT-KGP graduate who has been in the news for his not really standard resume for Flipkart.

To demonstrate that he was able for the part of Task Chief in Flipkart, the 6-pointer Aakash gave something a shot of the case to make his resume emerge. He is likewise the creator of ‘It Wasn’t Her Deficiency’.

He sold himself on Flipkart. Truly.

He said, “When you are a 6-pointer and contending with elite personalities of the nation, you know that it is so difficult to get work. You begin doing some insane and arbitrary stuff to emerge from the group. This is my resume for Flipkart’s APM Profile.”

Furthermore, this is the means by which his resume resembled:

1. “They needed somebody who could offer an item. I sold myself to them.

SOLD BY: IIT Kharagpur Best Following 1951!”