At the point when the mother is far from home, notwithstanding for just a short measure of time, it’s frequently the case that mayhem starts to unfurl. The main fortunate thing about this is with father, this disarray makes life significantly all the more fascinating. A Russian man and his little girl worked out an extraordinary approach to report to his better half that everything was alright at home through a progression of photographs posted on Instagram.

When his wife went away on a business trip, this guy and his seven-year-old daughter decided to make a regular photo report showing Mom how things were at home.


Every day, they send her one photograph of them engaged in “ordinary” domestic activities.


“Mom loves order and cleanliness at home, but now we can do what we want,” jokes Father Marat.


This is not the first time Marat has been left alone with his daughter and had fun. They often travel together, sending Mom unusual video reports.


“One photograph takes around 30 minutes to make,” says Marat.


The ideas for the photographs of father and daughter are brought to life with the help of the photographic artist Yevgeny Shults.


Someone’s going to have problems when Mom gets home. But it was fun while it lasted!


Source maratca

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