Marriage, in our nation, is a last objective, a definitive aspiration, the encapsulation of accomplishment for some. A few of us outline our whole scholarly and expert existence with a view to turning into a qualified marriage hopeful. Nonetheless, once you do get hitched and understand that it’s not working out, you never truly have the heart, the fearlessness or essentially the vitality to get out. You constrain yourself, drag the relationship, strain it as far as possible yet never at any point consider giving up an alternative.

In this video, uploaded by Delhi Poetry Slam, Saumya Choudhury discusses her folks’ fizzled marriage and looks at what it resembled in a family unit with a falling apart relationship. Since society considered separation such an unthinkable, her folks kept on harming themselves by dragging this effectively poisonous relationship up to its exceptionally breaking points, and after that considerably further. Her sonnet will make you extremely upset.

DelSLam poet Saumya talks about the failed marriage of her parents for whom divorce is a taboo and not an option. The poem explores her own situation growing up in a family where her parents did not get along but couldn’t find the courage to divorce each other.