There are many bizarre fetishes out there that people have; the fetish of sleeping with a pizza boy is a common one that you have probably heard of.

When people think of fulfilling their fantasies, they have a very idealistic view of executing it in their head. But while actually trying to execute it there are things which can go horribly wrong. That is the reason role playing isn’t very common and very few couples have the audacity to give it a go.

In this short film you will see a unique story of a woman trying to fulfill her fetish on Halloween and what happens in the end will leave you stunned.

A pizza delivery boy rings the doorbell holding a case of pizza. The entryway is replied by a lovely lady. She takes the pizza box from the kid’s hand. There is a brief quiet. The kid requests money however the lady cannot. Rather, she allures him inside. He’s hesitant at first however the lady demands. He offers into his hormones and ventures in. I’ll leave the rest to the peruser’s creative ability.

We’ve all listened (ahem)… seen this great story unfurl various times. In this short film,uploaded by The Short Cuts, the story unfurls in a fundamentally the same as form. Be that as it may, it closes with a dull wind. Unquestionably justified regardless of a watch!