we experience considerable difficulties whom we cherish more – Shah Rukh Khan or Alia Bhatt?! We simply realize that the film will be truly pleasant, yet as of now we’re aww-ing over the new tune ‘Love You Zindagi’ which just turned out. SRK plays Alia’s adoration master in the motion picture and we simply wish to have somebody as enchanting as him in our life, somebody who might light up our days with those dimples on his cheeks! Alright, back to the tune… It’s a vivacious tune and it’ll certainly stall out in your mind. This tune will get you revved up and ready to go and believe us, it’ll bring a gigantic grin all over.

There couldn’t be a superior day to discharge this melody other than Shah Rukh’s birthday, isn’t that so? We are adoring all of the tune and in the wake of watching it we’ve experienced passionate feelings for Lord Khan once more! “Jabra” fans? Yes, we are! So go and watch it NOW…P.S: Happy birthday SRK!