This world is a weird place.

This weird episode of a professional development coaching gone wrong in China proves it.

A bank in Beijing, Changzhi Zhangze Rural Commercial Bank hired a corporate coaching company, Shanghai Hongfeng Leadership School to motivate their employees to keep doing well at their job. But what actually happened was that their employees were spanked for their poor performance, with a wooden stick four times in a row on their butts, hard, so much so that one of them lost her balance and let out a yelp!

They must have felt back to school where they must’ve gotten this treatment for the first time. The people around felt humiliated as well as you can see those women on the table looking around in bewilderment.

The Leadership school has made their apologies public but that cannot and doesn’t take away the humiliation those eight people must’ve suffered. Jiang Feng, the coach, said: “This incident also offered a great lesson to myself, that it reminds me I should improve my teaching methods.”

This video uploaded on Twitter by PDChina will easily make you feel like the most worthless person on the planet.

Where did the empathy go?

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