In India, no matter which city you live in, you will surely have faced a situation where a modestly dressed guy approaches you with his family, telling you how they have run out of money to go back home, which is in a far off village! It won’t be long before they talk business, which is you helping them out with some money and if you’re gullible enough, you will be taken for a ride.
Nowadays, we have grown used to all these shenanigans and we hardly fall prey to such conmen. The novelty has worn off long back and it’s not easy for these tricksters to bring home the money after a hard day’s hustle. Watch this short film named the Red Stop uploaded by humaramovie to take a peek into the lives of these moochers of the earth and you might just soften up for them even though you know they’re good for nothing.

It’s good not to know about them for the truth might make you fool yourself by choice the next time you meet them.

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