Love can make us accomplish incredible things. Individuals have won wars, vanquished countries, and circumvented the world for the mission of affection. What’s more, who knows this superior to anything 25-year-old Jaquie Goncher.

Jacquie was a swimmer who endured a spinal line harm, and she was incapacitated neck down at 17 years old. Specialists said she could never have the capacity to walk again, yet treatment, determination, and solid affection made her walk again. She persisted for a year prior to her wedding, and on the D-day, she astounded everybody by strolling the walkway, remaining all through the function, and notwithstanding hitting the dance floor with her significant other, Andy.

Here are the excellent and moving photographs from her wedding.

At the age of 17 Jaquie Goncher suffered a swimming accident, which left her paralyzed from the neck down


Doctors claimed that she would never walk again


The first years of therapy were extremely hard for Jaquie. Being an athlete her whole life she was having a hard time realizing she couldn’t do even the smallest of exercises


“The first time I decided to go back to the gym, I got on a stationary bike. My legs wouldn’t be able to push it fast enough and the machine would turn off,” said Jaquie


“I got so upset that I put my head down on the machine and I just started to cry”


It took her a long time to find the strength and the incentive she needed to go back to the gym


“On your wedding day, everybody’s looking at you, so you want to feel the most beautiful. I totally believe you can be bomb in a wheelchair, but I didn’t want to be defined by that”


When Jaquie approached the ceremony with her mom and grandfather on each side, no one was surprised to see her in a wheelchair


But soon all the guests were stunned when she stood up and started walking down the aisle 8 years after the accident


Although the groom Andy Goncher already knew about the surprise, he could not hold back his tears


Only one year ago Jaquie could not be on her feet for more than 30 minutes because of her low blood pressure


Almost everyone was crying, it was such an emotional moment


Now she was able to stand through her whole 45 min wedding ceremony and for the most part of her 5 hour long reception


The couple literally had their first dance as they have never danced together before


Jaquie relied on her husband during the wedding: “He was my cane, because I would hold on to him the entire time”


The bride’s mom made sure to capture her daughter dancing again, so as a gift she hired a professional artist Kuhn to paint the heartwarming scene in watercolor


Jaquie looked radiant in her blush gown and mermaid green hair


“It’s been really emotional. Sometimes I don’t realize how miraculous it is that I am walking”


Jaquie aims to continue working as much as before the wedding, so she would be able to live without a wheelchair once more


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