“It’s a solid affair to see the world through rainbow-tinted glasses for each hetero individual — in light of the fact that there’s constantly more to about any person than the colossal sexual orientation twofold.”

This is 26-year-old Mumbai-based designer Mili Sethia.


#1.She recently started a project called “Esqueer” where she decided to reimagine cringey ’90s Bollywood photos of men to question our ‘normal’ ideas of masculinity and how men are perceived.


#2.The idea for the series arose from seeing pictures from old photoshoots of male stars floating around on the internet.


#3.“The men [the photos] featured were considered to be the epitome of macho-ness and were all actually posing in almost vulnerable positions — almost questioning that monolithic notion of that very masculinity,”


#4.“Most importantly, for those of us who grew up queer, it reveals that nothing has been binary right from the start,” she added.


#5.“Further, it’s a healthy experience to view the world through rainbow-tinted glasses for every hetero individual — because there’s always more to nearly any individual than the great gender binary.”


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