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This artist is documenting her pregnancy with adorable drawings

As any mother will tell you, words cannot begin to describe the roller coaster of emotions experienced in pregnancy. From that first positive test to the final expectant days before birth and everything in between, pregnancy contains a thousand and one memories to be cherished forever.

French illustrator and graphic designer (and first-time mother) Marie-Charlotte Yao is doing just that with her latest project ‘What it’s like to be pregnant: my diary for my future daughter.

From the teeny, tiny baby clothes (HOW small?)…

….to perfecting your balancing skills.

Pregnancy is a mind-blowing time for sure.

When you want everything you can’t have (hello, blue cheese on rare steak)…

…and then can’t remember what’s up next.

Small victories feel SO good, so celebrate each one.

There will be LOTS of times like this.

Because EVERY part of you is getting bigger.

(The insatiable hunger might have something to do with that…)

Pregnancy insomnia is bad news for your online shopping addiction.

And you should probably get used to tummy touching….

You will put far too much faith in miracle toys. That won’t work.

Sometimes you need to put things on hold for a while.

But that’s ok, because there’s a new hobby in town…

Seriously though, it is the BEST feeling in the world.

From now on, your life will never be the same again.

Because even when you’re alone, you will always have company.



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