2 strangers, 1 bus, a long trip to pass and a possibility to discover affection amid your periods! What might you do? Sit and let it pass? On the other hand carpe diem – grab the occasion?

Opportunities have a strange way of finding you and more often than sometimes they come without a warning. Find out if this #20something girl is fresh and confident enough to seize the moment.
Affection isn’t something you discover; adoration is something that discovers you. So shouldn’t you be arranged for it constantly? Periods are ladies’ greatest alleviation – they are an indication of a sound life; additionally the most exceedingly terrible foe – due to course, there’s PMS, apprehension of recoloring and the unclean, not really crisp feeling? This video by SOFY Bodyfit Antibacteria demonstrates why periods shouldn’t confine you to sit in a corner and be uncomfortable, when you can plainly be out there winning the world.

Watch the video till the end on the grounds that you wouldn’t have any desire to miss the 2nd part some portion of this adorable little ‘love story’.

Love and opportunity comes to those who are fresh enough to embrace it. So always be ready to live each moment as it comes #5DaysOfFresh