Education is one of the important tools that can spearhead the way to transform one’s life. Time and again, it has been stressed that only with education, we can pray for progress.

Doing full justice to this notion is 68-year-old Durga Kami, who is a father of six children and a grandfather of 8 kids. After the demise of his wife, he is living alone in the hills of Nepal and attending school.


Poverty became an obstacle for his education and consequently, he couldn’t realise his dream of becoming a teacher.

Here are some of his photos:

1. He attends Shree Kala Bhairab higher secondary school in Nepal. Leaving his isolated one-room home, it’s always a welcome sight to attend school amidst 200 children.


This is him sitting at the door of his home in Syangja, Nepal.

2. His classroom is filled with 14 and 15-year-old students and this is his class photograph. “To forget my sorrows, I go to school.”


Can you spot him here? ?

3. “This is my first experience teaching a person who is as senior as my father’s age. I feel very excited and happy,” said D.R Koirala.


D.R Koirala, the school teacher invited him to attend the school and provided him with stationary and full uniform.

4. “I used to think ‘why is this old man coming to school to study with us?’ but as time passed I enjoyed his company,” said one of his 14-year-old classmates.


The children in the school call him “Baa”, which means father in Nepali.

5. “If they see an old person with white beard like me studying in school they might get motivated as well,” Durga Kami says.


You are really inspiring, Durga Kami.

6. This grandfather of 8 studies in Class 10.


7. His house often experiences power cuts and here he is trying to study with his torch.


8. Here is one of the teachers of the school who is helping him apply for the upcoming School Leavers Certificate Exams in Syangja, Nepal.


9. This is his English notebook and it’s lying on his school desk.


10. Just look at this cheerful old man, whose thirst for education enlightens and inspires many people.


Can you read what’s written here?

11. And there he is, getting ready for his school again.


Well, if this didn’t serve as your today’s dose of inspiration, I don’t know what will.

Way to go, Durga Kami! ?

Source: BBC and China Daily

Cover Image Source: China Daily