This story is all about big dreams and its execution! Imagine this: the most successful business legends we know today once had tiny dreams. But here’s the fascinating part – they didn’t just dream. They worked really hard, stayed committed, and brought their imaginative ideas to life using cool technology. That’s how they turned those small dreams into something huge and amazing!

Meaning of Dreams

Dreams work like pictures in your mind, showing the ideas you think about. They’re like thoughts that show up in your head without you even knowing. These thoughts can be about anything – like imagining a shiny new car, a cool house, or picturing yourself as the richest person ever. When we look at things around us, we create mental images in our minds, making these ideas feel personal and special to us. Although it’s our job to see if we can make these ideas happen and turn them into a big successful project.

Ordinary man, like a chaiwala may not be allowed to move into a 5 star hotel or a MNC because he is not the authorized member of their… But one thing that makes him optimistic is that he is having full authorization on his dreams…!!! And if he decides to execute his dream strongly, then he may be next Ambani or Tata….

This video demonstrates how a small tea-selling business became a big success by taking simple and creative steps. They created a website and began delivering tea online. Started accepted orders through the website, put up posters for advertising, and used social media. Before long, their small business turned into a large and successful venture.


Zepo, an eCommerce platform that has helped 1500+ businesses in India to start selling online, offered Mumbai chaiwalas a fun way to celebrate this new idea through a virtual tea-stall:

Let’s talk about a small tea business called Chaayos. In 2012, Nitin Saluja and Raghav Verma started this Indian tea cafe chain. Their vision was to change how people enjoy chai in India, so they created a menu with lots of different tea choices and a modern cafe vibe. They didn’t just talk about their idea; they made it happen by trying new things and learning from their mistakes.


In conclusion, the size of the idea doesn’t matter much. What really matters is sticking with that idea until it becomes real. We all know it’s easy to talk about, but until the idea is well-planned and put into action, it doesn’t make any difference.

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