Childhood days are nostalgic. It is one of the best phases of life, where you have lots of time to have fun and very less time to have tensions. We all grew up collecting sugary memories. Needless to mention each one of us really misses out on many of the habits and memories.

These are the 10 things that are missed the most-

1. Happy-go-lucky days


Sneaking out to play in the hot sun or get drenched in rain, no words to express the thrill of doing such things escaping from the watchful eyes of the mummy.

2. Candy / Chocolate Addiction


Candy and Chocolate are the best childhood bribes demanded. Parents’ best method to get things done and naturally the craziest thing relished to the core.

3. Outing with parents


Emotionally the greatest moments are when strolling into an exhibition hall or shopping mall with parents, holding on to them, and getting them to buy the toys you need.

4. Paper flights


Zooming paper airplanes in the classroom with friends, trying to have an upper hand in covering the maximum distance.

5. Piggy Bank


Coins given as encouragement by parents and relatives find their way into this ‘Savings Bank’. Always had a dream, as to how it should be spent once filled.

6. Saturday Cartoons


Characters are always our reference group, considered our heroes, and trying to imitate their dresses and actions.

7. Picnics


Planning starts from the day it is announced in class. Discussions with classmates, like what to carry what to wear, and go on until the day arrives. Coming back home and explaining the thrills to parents and siblings with gestures, used to be great.

8. Birthday Celebrations


The pleasure of getting greeted and the pride of getting a year older, no words can express the blissful day. Of course, the little mind used to crave gifts, big or small, from friends and loved ones.

9. School Annual Day Celebrations


We ensure to be participating in drama or dance performances – a perfect way to bunk classes with the teacher’s permission for rehearsals.

10. Waiting for Santa Claus

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Come December the wait for Jingle Bells and Santa starts. Getting that lovely small gift and toffees from the hands of pretty Santa on the X’MAs eve was incredible.

Will we ever get those lovely days back, nevertheless the memories of those days are indelible.

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