There are homes that remain in darkness even when the sun is shining bright outside. A little innovation, a little initiative and a Pepsi bottle is all it takes to light them up. Liter of Light, the ground-breaking project supported by Pepsi, is spreading smiles and lighting up lives, with simple bottle lamps. Join hands with Liter of Light and spread the light.

Envision this: you sit on the love seat in your parlor sitting in front of the television. There are no fascinating shows on, so you change to a station that runs motion pictures. Inside the kitchen, the microwave is warming up your supper. The air outside is as stuffy as an Indian summer could be, so the ventilating is on to the max. When it gets sufficiently frosty, you turn it down an indent. Obviously, this doesn’t seem like anything unique in relation to a consistent Sunday evening, aside from it is more than what a huge number of individuals ever get the chance to encounter.

The video beneath, by Pepsi, conveys to the bleeding edge an imperative issue: even following quite a while of improvement, there are still a few towns in India that don’t have the fundamental framework to set up a better than average framework that gives power. Actually, since the houses are without windows, some of them don’t get light notwithstanding amid the day.

That is the reason Pepsi joined forces with #LiterofLight, a worldwide grassroots development focused on giving moderate, manageable sun oriented light to individuals with constrained or no entrance to power. Together, they are attempting to convey light to remote towns in the nation, utilizing just an unfilled container of Pepsi. On account of their endeavors, pursuing light isn’t a far off dream any longer for various individuals.