A thousandth of a second is unreasonably quick for the human eye to see. Be that as it may, because of cameras, we can see minutes we generally would’ve missed. What’s more, we understand how magnificent and beautiful our world is, although sometimes it’s so hard to believe that it’s not just the special effects of a fantastic movie.





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**english below** . Über dem Wolkenmeer . Sisyphos mit Aussicht: Ein Fensterputzer arbeitet sich an der Glasfront des Burj Khalifa im arabischen Emirat Dubai entlang. Die Scheiben des 124. Stockwerks, wo der Fotograf ihn als Kletterer über dem Wolkenmeer entdeckte, liegen rund 450 Meter über dem Erdboden. Das höchste Bauwerk der Welt wartet mit mehr als 24 000 Fenstern auf. Sie alle zu putzen dauert drei Monate – eine Arbeit in luftiger Höhe, die nie zu Ende geht. . Mehr dazu und viele andere spannende Themen im aktuellen @geomagazin 02/2019 . . Above the sea of clouds . Sisyphus with a view: A window cleaner works his way along the glass front of the Burj Khalifa in the Arab Emirate of Dubai. The panes of the 124th floor, where the photographer discovered him as a climber above the sea of clouds, lie around 450 metres above the Earth. The tallest building in the world has more than 24,000 windows. Cleaning them all takes three months – a job at a dizzy height that never ends. . See more in the current issue of @geomagazin 02/2019 . Image: @iradonteovel . . #geo #geomagazin #dubai #seaofclouds

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Photo by @james_balog | Harnessing fire was a breakthrough in human evolution. Now it is once again out of our control. The cost of fighting U.S. wildfires topped $2 billion in 2017. The annual number of large fires (>1,000 acres) in America has tripled since the 1970s, and today’s wildfires burn six times more land area per year than they did four decades ago. A California firefighter told me during my time shooting the Soberanes Fire for my latest documentary: “It’s fire season pretty much year-round.” Human activities–fire suppression tactics, our contributions to climate change, and housing developments in wildfire territories–make us unwitting sparks. Ignorantia juris non excusat: Ignorance of the laws of nature does not protect you from them. Follow my work @james_balog.

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