Women are always associated with being sweet, fair complexioned and dainty. We are conditioned to fit into that category of beauty and are taught anything that lies outside these premises fails to comply with the beauty standards.

Elle India featured some strong and muscular women who challenged these deep-conditioned stereotypes and are also super proud of it.

1. Nilparna Sen, 23, Gym Trainer and Manager


Eating disorder and drug abuse pushed her to exercise and now she feels energetic.

“When I saw my bicep pumping for the first time, I wondered why I ever wanted to be skinny.”

2. Bani J, 28, Actor


She took to weight training when she was 19 years old and then there was no looking back for the actor.

“I love the way I look, so it’s no good telling me to stop. Your body can achieve so much once you shut out the doubts and focus.”

3. Shweta Sakharkar, 25, Bikini Bodybuilder


Her mother was a weight trainer with a decade of experience and that is where she draws inspiration from.

“My mother trains so hard at 45. Her fitness levels push me to work harder.”

4. Ayesha Billimoria, 29, Track Athlete and Fitness Trainer


The national level sprinter is a die hard fan of functional training.

“Fitness has become all about looking good and running marathons. But you need to be able to just stretch, jump and sprint to be fit.”

5. Navreet Josan, 30, Make Up Artist


If you think your full-time job and busy schedules deter you to stay fit, meet Navreet Josan. She works out every day.

“If I can reach this level of fitness with a full-time job, then really, anyone can.”

6. Natasha Noel, 23, Yoga Instructor


After an injury that forced her to give up dancing, she found yog ato be her calling.

“I have my curves, breasts, and hips, and I’m still a woman — just a very strong one.”

7. Rashi Chowdhury, 31, Nutritionist


Her painful period cramps were diagnosed as endometriosis and she started eating healthy.

“My husband once told me that my shoulders look like a man’s, but when you train like this you learn to feel proud of yourself.”
Wow! I am just amazed by their strength to not only challenge the feminine stereotype but also shatter them into pieces.

Image Source: Elle India

News Source: Elle India