Love is a very strong feelings and it can not only be expressed in words. So we take help of drawings, dance, music etc. Love is complex emotion and is very difficult to understand. It is hard to find real love. When we are in love we accept the other person with all the flaws.

An artist from Los Angeles, Amanda Oleander illustrates the daily life moments you have with your lover. These ‘aww’ moments are routine of our life. Her illustrations will melt your heart and make you love more. Love is all about care and concern.

Have a look at her drawings:





Drawing 14/100 of the drawing a day for 100 days challenge. Find someone that will love everything about you unconditionally and helps bring out the best in you. This is a drawing of my little sister Bianca and her partner. Bianca doesn’t shave and fully embraces herself which has attracted partners that love and accept her for her. About 5 years ago we did a “beauty transformation” and she went out in public fully groomed with makeup on and a tight dress and heels and we documented the whole experience in my blog. She explains why she feels better just being herself. Check my Instagram Story for the blog link! . . . Turn notifications on for this page for your daily dose of art 🎨 . . Time lapse of this drawing in my IG story. 💕

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