Here and there when words come up short, doodles come to play. What’s more, what is superior to pen to paper? While words can without much of a stretch slide even before they leave an enduring effect on you, these will hit you hard.

This amazing Bangalore designer, Mounica Tata, who is affectionately known as “doodledrama” on Instagram is drawing her direction intensive our lives. These comics are madly relatable.

Try not to believe me, observe.

1. It’s costs a lot to be girl!

2. Story of our lives!

Sigh. . . . #summers #struggle #water #sml #truestory #comics

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3. Because there is so much I want to say and I do say it all!

4. I want to catch up but I also want to sit and do nothing.

#socialanxiety #realstruggles

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5. Yes, hand me all that beer!

6. Every damn Friday!

7. Take my money and hand me that burgundy-maroon-pinkinsh-Kareena red lipstick now!

8. It’s all in the mind, you know!

9. Some lessons on SWAG, anyone?

10. The mirror tells us a different story altogether!

11. Is there something called an invisible bra?

12. Relatable much?

My demons. #freelancerlife #demons #everydaystruggle

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13. Errr…sorry. Innocent mistake!

14. Just a glimpse of my sad little life.

15. What’s up with you vagina?

16. Sounds about right!

FRIES 😍😍😍 #fries🍟 #weekendvibes #friyay #comics #howto

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17. That’s the best exercise in the world!

18. That’s just irritating!

People. Ugh. #phonecalls #peoplebelike #realshit #littleannoyingthings #comics

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19. Take that golden advice, ladies!

20. What the FFFF did you just call me?

Discovered your stories in these comics? I know I did!