Life has ended up focused on; steady pressures from employments and family quarrels make our life harder once in a while. Every one of us need asylum from our tedious way of life.
We understand the genuine satisfaction when we esteem littler things that we do day by day. It can be listening to music or eating a dish that we love. The seemingly insignificant details in life change our lives in gigantic way.
WittyFeed presents inventive insignificant publications about little things that make us more satisfied immediately. We trust you will have the capacity to interface with every one of them. We cherish your reactions and don’t hesitate to include any all the more in the remarks.

1.Let’s have a beer.

Let's have a beer.

2.Loose yourself in music.

Loose yourself in music.

3.All we want is shopping.

All we want is shopping.

4.Munching all day long.

Munching all day long.