Being single is not a crime it may be a matter of choice too but just in case you feel deprived of the mot special feeling  i.e love its time to give a thought about the root cause for the same.

Here is a list of 7 Habits Of Yours  which Are Responsible For You Being Single.

1.Being a Workaholic

Work is undoubtedly important but it is equally important to remember that when you fall sick your job will not look after you but your loved ones will do so in case you expect people to love you and care for you its time you balance your work with maintaining relationship too.


If you don’t take initiative you can’t complain of others not doing it too. Texting or calling up your crush can be of more help than delaying it to the day when you see her with someone else.


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It is said that organizing and planning are the steps to success and the statement holds relevance in not only professional field but in personal front too because nobody likes messy people around and to win hearts you need to organize and arrange things in a tasteful manner.

4.Self – Centered

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Being self-centered is not really a good idea since it will always keep you alone; none likes to be with selfish people. Moreover it is essential to love ,care and respect others just as we do for us because they too deserve it equally and what we do to others shall come back to us

5.Poor communication

The most thing to start or sustain any relationship is communication because it is essential to tell your feelings to others and know their feelings as well. So don’t hesitate or be an introvert at least try to be an ambivert if not a complete extrovert.

6.Stop Lying


Lies ruin lives, relationships and a lot more ;instead of lying  it is better to confess the truth and apologize for the mistake because it has more chances of saving the situation in a favorable manner.

7.Being Negative

Even if your blood group is negative you must try to be always positive because being negative is of no use; whining and cribbing can end up things on bad note and that certainly does more harm than good.

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