It is high-time, we started caring for the environment we live in because Earth (when personified) is really sad. And, we are not making it up. Here are the pictures of ‘Sad Earth’ that should ring the alarm, out loud.

1. Is this the kind of developement we want?

2. Happy Meal? Doesn’t look like one!!

Nature vs. McDonalds 0-1 #mcdonalds #happymeal #sadearth

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3. Thats not surely where we want to reach.

4. If these sad eyes didn’t touch your soul, nothing will

#sadearth #dumptrump

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5. You don’t want to punish the Innocent baby

#sadearth ? #earth #savetheearth #savetheearthgogreen “غم #دو_عالم_ “#idarahmatiillustrations

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6. The way we treat our EARTH, This was bound to happen

#sadearth #humanssuck

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7. We need to empathise with our planet’s burden.

8. That pain of being BULLIED…

I see humans, but no humanity… #sadEarth #nohumanity #whereIstheLove

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9. We need to heel that wounds

10. We need to join hand with this baby nursse for the betterment of our planet

#markryden #sadearth

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11. Our planet is for sure experiencing an awful instance of people!

Take care and share! Happy Earthday everyone 🙂 #earthday #care #earth #biodiversity #share #sadearth

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12. We shouldn’t disregard this. It’s about time that we might act. Else, our dazzling planet will be perpetually damned.

Happy #earthday ? #respectyourplanet #sadearth

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13. That pain is real!!!


#SadEarth needs help! #truth

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14. That’s a vision we shall keep in mind and work for a better, safe and a happy planet.

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