Music in the soul can be heard by the universe and Shakespeare was not wrong when he said, “when words fail music speaks.” Life is a roller coaster ride of bumps but the journey becomes easy when you tune in.

Stronger (what does not kill you) by kelly

This song helps you evaluate your life when things don’t go the way you wanted. Learn from it and come back as a fighter to reach the next level.

Firework by katty perry

This song is an empowering thing full of real people discovering their inner beauty and stepping out loudly and proudly, no matter what their detractors say.

Hero by skillet.

This song is a push forward factor when you feel on the edge. No matter how dark it gets, there’s always hope in a new day and staying positive is the first step.

Climb by miley cyrus.

This song is a power ballad with lyrics that describe life as a difficult but rewarding journey. This song can bring back you to life and living. A must have in your playlist.

Get up stand up by Bob Marley

This song is about taking an action and fighting against the oppression. Bob Marley the legend had wrote it inhibited and touched by poverty. This is a soul touching piece to wake up and act for good.

Survivor- Destiny’s child

This song has so much more to add in life than simply those lyrics. Its interesting how we get motivated in a day and lose it the next. This song will make you realize why you’re still strong.

Stronger-Britney spears

You might be having a rough patch,bug as all things to change is possible things do get better with time and people stronger with every passing experience. The song is all about moulding a stronger you.

The show must go on- queen

Life is a beautiful journey and needless to say everything movews on so the show must go on. Face it with a grin as I am never giving up….the show must go on.

Beautiful- Christina Aguilera

This song has so much power to imbibe in you that negativity just flushes away. Because the lyrics just makes you feel yourself more realistically to accepting self in a whole new way.

Eye of the tiger- survivor.

This song can never go old from the inspirational playlist neither can qany youngster get enough of it everytime its played. Went the distance, now I’am back on my feet,just a man and his will to survive!

Music is a powerful source to get you back on track on those lonesome days and give it your best shot ; with only the wish to make the world a better place,take a look at yourself and make that change.

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