Girls, imagine this, you are in your 20s – unmarried, well settled in career, independent, living as per your free will. Seems like a happy situation, doesn’t it? However it is all merry only if you are not the only single girl in your group, because if you are, the torment of seeing ‘Love in the air’ day in day out is downright frustrating. Sure, you have the money, you have your career but the absence of a partner is enough to make one feel unfulfilled. Adding to this irritation is the never ending assumption that you are in a relationship because apparently a girl can’t be single due to lack of the perfect guy.Shout out to all the single, settled ladies because this one’s on your life, Girliyapa presents “When You’re Single AF”.

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The video is about the struggles of being a single girl – the annoying things people tell them and their constant effort at finding and failing at love.