Sometimes, both men and women wait for many years to find the perfect partner. Some people rush into relationships and make mistakes, others make the mistake of waiting too long until their chances of finding the right person start to fall. The goal for all of us is really quite simple — not to miss that one perfect moment that will define our entire life, when we meet the one.

But knowing when you’ve found that one perfect person you want to spend the rest of your life with can be difficult. We’re all learning on this road we call life. So, how can we be certain? Here are seven signs we think will help you answer this vital question.

No.1: Everything started out of the blue. Instantly

Just a moment ago, you didn’t feel anything…and then suddenly it happened. The glance, the head turn — and you already prepared all your mental weapons to conquer their heart. And your aim stays constant, no matter what’s going on around you. You friends tell you about plenty of other important things going on in life, but all you see is their image.

You can’t get rid of this image even when you are alone at home. You want something from that person, and you understand that it’s not just passion or lust. No! This is something else.

They say it’s not about pheromones, it’s about feelings. Like a key that finally fits in the lock of your heart, perfectly, without having to be forced in any way. Bedroom activities have nothing to do with it. Your personalities, your souls, simply match.

At the end of the day, we don’t find individuals exciting only because of the way they look or act. It’s all about their presence, which suddenly spreads in front of your eyes and promises bliss every second you spend with them. You wonder what they will look like when it’s just the two of you, alone. You want them to feel amazed and exhilarated to be with you. You want to have the force of a natural disaster on their life — a vortex, a storm of emotions; you want to be a force they can’t resist.

No. 2: You never get tired or bored of them

A husband or wife is not just a lover. They are the person you see 24 hours a day. Whether you’re healthy or sick, dressed up nicely or hanging around the house in your underwear, feeling inspired or bored — your partner will accept you regardless.

You can spend six, seven, eight hours together, and still don’t want to say goodbye to each other, whilst with anyone else you wanted to bid farewell and spend some time alone. That feeling of not wanting to leave them happens not because you need something from them, but because you can live in perfect harmony together.

No. 3: They don’t put pressure on you

They give you freedom, and you understand that’s what they’ve always done for you. You understand that they’re a mature person regardless of how old they are. They’re able to find happiness on their own, inside themselves. You’re a person that they respect. If one person respects another, this is it. This is the foundation for the perfect future together.

If they’re capable of switching from being nice and tender with you to screaming and hissing at the waitress asking for a clean tablecloth, you should be aware that they will do the same to you when they aren’t satisfied with something in the future. It’s too early to talk about marriage or spending the rest of your lives together. Their personality will let you down in the first couple of hours.

A really smart, well-developed woman will never insist that they are always right. They won’t try to convince that they are right. Why would someone try to force their own views on you from the moment they see you, unless they had a low opinion of you?

You feel that you have a special place in their life, and that alone feels pretty amazing!

No. 4: Every time you learn something new about them, it makes you happy

They don’t have to do all kinds of sports, write theater plays and walk on the runway in order to keep you interested. For no apparent reason, every day reveals something fresh about them, and you understand that their potential is inexhaustible.

This is more than just ’not being boring’. They grew this wonderful garden in themselves where you find yourself to be a welcome guest. This garden opens its doors to you. You come in and receive such happiness from it’s aromas, and can walk around all day and never feel bored or sad.

No. 5: You are separate, yet you become whole. You accept them as they are because you really want to be with them

You feel that at some point in your relationship you have became one. This effect doesn’t really make sense: they are still by any measure an individual with their own thoughts and personality traits. You don’t agree on various matters, it’s not just a reason to fight, it’s also a chance for compromise. They are a continuation of you, through which you will discover your whole self for the rest of your life. They are infinite. You are falling in love not just momentarily but year after year, day after day.

No. 6: They don’t have any secrets from you

This is a very important issue. Any secrets that you have no right to investigate could be directed against you. Sometimes their whole existence consists of their love for you, but this doesn’t exclude the potential of space between the two of you.

If they really wanted they could interpret anything you say as something directed against them, but they never want and never will do this.

If they betrayed you in any way, they would feel so terrible that it would eventually come out, directly to you and not to anyone else. Because they understand that you are theirs, and vice versa.

No. 7: They are ready to spend their whole life with you, and nothing could make you happier

You would summon any amount of patience and inner strength to make it work, to wait for the perfect circumstances to be together, and they would do the same.

Life will test you; it will make you fall. The car will break, your child will get sick, you will get fired from your job. You won’t have enough money; someone close to you might pass away; work will be unrelenting; at other times you will just feel unhappy for no reason. But since the first moment you saw them you understood that you can deal with all of this, and more, whatever life throws at you. As long as your together.

You know that they can handle life’s challenges just from the way they carry themself, from the look in their eyes. With all your being you can feel that this is a kind, patient person that is fully tuned in to your feelings, hopes, desires, fears. And this feeling is totally, utterly magical.

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Preview photo credit: Desiree Hartsock