Every day we hear what success means to others: fancy cars, food delicacies, a house at the beach, or a remarkable career. We read hundreds of stories about successful people from all around the world, and the media keeps telling us about the money we haven’t yet earned.

To gain perspective on what is really important in your life, just ask yourself this question: ’When I’m 100 years old and I look back over my life, what would make me think my time was well spent?’

Will you feel like you lived your life wisely if you earned enough money? Or will you be happy with the time you spent if you helped many people? Maybe you will only be satisfied if you explored all the corners of the Earth?

The answer will give your own definition of success. Write it down. And keep the note to help you remember the right way to go.

When you know what matters most to you, it’s easier to avoid jealousy and resentment. Remind yourself that everyone has a unique journey, and they shouldn’t be compared. Keep your eyes on your own definition of happiness, and you’ll fill your life with the things that are important to you.

Source:Psychologytoday: brightside.me