The Most-Searched Engagement Ring Styles
The Most-Searched Engagement Ring Styles

If you’re entirely new to purchasing an engagement ring, you’re likely under an illusion:

It’s the size of the diamond that matters.

Whether you’re purchasing the engagement ring for your friend, your significant other, your client, or yourself, as a first-time buyer, you might think everyone else out there bases their decision on the size of the diamond.

But that’s far from the truth. According to the stats, about 86.2% of brides prioritize the overall design, while only 47.7% of brides prioritize the diamond size. And so, you shouldn’t feel wrong prioritizing the meaningfulness of your engagement ring as compared to its worth. (Plus, diamonds are slowly, gradually running out of the preference-list for most couples – we’ll disclose more on that later!).

Now, allow us to acquaint you with some of the most popular engagement ring designs and styles. We hope the listed designs help you pick a ring that’s both trendy and meaningful to your newly found bond!

Oval Engagement Rings

Oval engagement rings are one of the most trending engagement ring designs, as per Google. Why so?

Well, that’s because an oval stone or diamond looks elegant when worn. It makes your hand and fingers look slender and longer. The same is the case with its apparent worth. At a glance, an oval stone on the engagement ring appears larger and worth much more than its actual cost.

These stones also have a timelessness accompanying them. The fashion industry never seems to run out of love for this particular cut. It keeps making a comeback to the trends now and then.

Pear Engagement Rings

Similar to oval engagement rings, the pear cut is gaining popularity too. It’s because the stone appears more sophisticated with its defined cuts. Plus, its rounded edge on one end and pointed edge on one add sleekness to the overall design of the ring. Thus, making your fingers appear slender. You can wear it upside down depending on your mood for the day.

Even more, it has a greater room for variability, i.e., the small supporting stones can be placed in multiple ways. So, there are a lot of looks to choose from.

Gemstone Rings

Another trend that’s been dominating the engagement ring industry lately is the usage of gemstones in place of diamonds. For a long time, we have known diamond as the only go-to stone for engagement rings. But now, the world seems to be exploring other beautiful gemstones, including tanzanite, emerald, jade, and sapphire.

We’d particularly recommend you explore the Sapphire engagement rings, as they seem to win the hearts of the masses more than any other gemstone. They are gradually securing their place as the most popular diamond alternatives. That’s because they look very similar to diamonds but are much more economical in price. Plus, these stones are very durable too, with a Mohs scale rating of 9. What’s more, sapphires symbolize power, strength, and wisdom. And if you believe in the impact of gemstones in life, you’d know where this stone will take your bond. It will bring in greater levels of commitment and endurance to both you and your partner.

Vintage Rings

Recently, antique and vintage engagement rings have begun trending too. These rings happen to be inspired from the Victorian, Edwardian, or Renaissance times when fine art was at its peak.

These rings usually feature intricate designs. They may feature gemstones surrounded with hallo, floral designs, filigree metal work designs, and Milgrain designs.

Diamond-like Rings

Diamond-like rings are practically diamond rings. But we’d like to term it diamond-like because the diamonds used in these are man-made or lab-grown. They have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as natural diamonds. But they are environment friendly and possess greater purity as well as design efficiency.

So, both environment enthusiasts and perfectionists are preferring lab-grown diamonds over real diamonds.

Final Thoughts

By now, we hope you have a clear idea about what’s trending in the engagement ring industry. It’s your choice to opt for something entirely different (if you have a unique and more meaningful idea in your head). But if not so, we recommend opting for something within this list. And that’s because, after all, it’s your engagement ring. You’ve got to ensure that when it’s on your fingers, the heads turn!