New Games in Live Casino

Online gaming and gambling are already favourite hobbies for many players; however, recently, they have turned to live gaming options such as live casinos. So, while observing the potential players pour into this area, the game developers have rolled up their sleeves to provide the users with better options than before. Therefore, today we will discuss the recent live casino games that have been added to the possibilities, and you can get to play at different sites similar to

Andar Bahar

This game originated in India, and Ezugi has taken it to develop into a live dealer game. If you are a fan of the game, then Andar Bahar Live could be your favourite, as it is easy to learn and play. What incorporates is the innovative betting ways, and it is a thrilling aspect of this game.

Game objective

The players must predict the playing position of a card that will first match with the Joker card. So, once this match is made, the game is over, and the players can set for a new round.

Betting Tips

While playing the game, side bets can also be made to predict how many cars it will take until the correct card position match is made. Of course, it adds more fun and thrill to the game because everyone expects to win in the main game with the side bet.

How to Play the Game

The Andar Bahar is played with a deck containing 52 cards, and before a new round begins, these cards are shuffled to the new positions.

As the game begins, the dealer takes a card from the deck and places it faces up, and this card becomes the Joker card. Next, there are two positions to choose from a player that is Andar and Bahar. So, before the cards are dealt, the player has to choose his position for the card that they can think would match the Joker card position and then place a bet on it.

For the Andar position, the pay out is 1.9:1, and for the Bahar position, it is 2:1. The casino keeps its edge at the Andar position.

Once all the players are done with betting, the cards for the Andar position are first dealt with and then for the Bahar position. It is done in an alternate manner, such as Andar-Bahar-Andar-Bahar. It continues until the matching card is dealt and the game is over while the position where this card is located wins. At the same time, side bets are calculated too.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em

It is one of the poker games in addition to the live casino, where a standard deck comprising 52 cards is available. Here, the dealer first places five face-down cards or community cards on the table. Now the dealer and the players in the game are dealt two cards. Here the players have to see their cards and decide to either raise the ante or just check.

Cards Revealing

In Texas Hold’em, the dealer reveals the cards placed in the centre in two rounds. The very first is the flop round, and here the dealer reveals the first three of these cards, and simultaneously the other two cards are disclosed to complete the community cards set of five.

While the card revealing round is happening, the players have to actively observe where they can do a raise if they feel it necessary and strengthen their hand. Well, once the second round ends, the players have two options: they must either fold or match their original ante bet.

Once all the bets and rounds are completed, it is time for the dealer to reveal their cards to qualify for the game. For that, they must have at least one match pair of cards, and if the dealer has not the matched pairs, then all the ante bets are returned to the players. Finally, the dealer compares their hand against the hands of the remaining players, and the best poker hand wins in the end.

Speed Blackjack

It is the fastest live blackjack and is played at 30% to 40% faster speed than the other blackjack. Overall, the game follows all the rules of regular blackjack; however, the difference lies in when the players have to decide during dealing order.

Game Setup

The games start with the main bets, and two cards are dealt. Now the players have to decide as soon as possible, without waiting for the other players, whether they want to hit, split, double down, or stand. Here the clever move is made, as the player who is faster in doing it will finish the game or get the next card. The exciting thing is that there are auto play features that work for the players when:

They haven’t made a move for more than 12 hands.

When its worth is less than 11.

Side Bet Option

Following are the side bet options available for Speed Blackjack:

Perfect Pairs: The initially dealt card needs to form a pair, so when it is a perfect pair with the same colours, it pays 25:1

21+3: A three-hand card is made where the player can expect to win 100:1

Bet Behind: If there is no available seat at the blackjack table, the players can use this option to play the game behind those who have already joined it. 

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